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Mid engine cars Vs. Front engine cars

Hi all,
Maybe I've got an interesting question
I've noticed thad my driving style is way more comfortable with front-engined cars like Aston Martin or Lexus.
For example, at Nurburgring with an R8 i can only reach an 1:56.2 or something.
Recently i tried with the Lexus (same conditions) and I did 1:55.2.
Obviously, i find difficult to drive mid-engined cars because of the snaps in mid cornering, after braking.
So I ask you: Theres's a way to do a setup with mid-engined cars that results in a similar behaviour like a front-engined cars?
Thank you
My experience with the McClaren was that you want to trail the brakes less and its aero seemed to work and grip up considerably when you got completely off the brake. Whereas in the Aston you could trail deeper and get more benefit on turning into the corners. So style can really impact how much grip you have available and you need to spend the time to find out how to drive the car differently to get the most out of them. Mid engine cars a lot more agile but you find that the Balance of performance is also all over the place on different tracks so its really hard to be sure you are even doing something majorly wrong.
For myself, I usually prefer mid-engine cars because I'm more used to them in terms of handling but my favorite front-engine car is either the 2019 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 or 2015 Mercedes AMG-GT3.
This is something I also have trouble. In Imola I can drive low 1:42 times in the AMG without any trouble when I change my car to the Ferrari for example my best is maybe mid to high 1:43 times.

On the contrary in Monza, here I can achieve very low 1:48 times only with the Honda when I drive the Ferrari, Porsche or AMG I only drive mid 1:49. Really strange.
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