Metalmoro Fuel Parc Ferme

Rixamus Hart

Oct 7, 2012

I just qualified on pole, at Jo'burg, from what I can tell, you start the race with the amount of fuel you finished quali with? I ask this as last time i qualified, I finished with 6 laps of fuel and in the race, could only start with that amount in the tank. This time around, i finished quali with 4 laps left, and could only start the race with 4 laps in the tank. I had no ability to change starting fuel as per parc ferme both times.

Is this a bug I should report, or is this a rule in Metalmoro, or a freak rfm ghost hanging about in my GSCE installation folder?


P.S, I am looking at editing the .plr and associated rfm parc ferme, but not sure which settings to change yet.

P.P.S, Metalmoro = awesome; driving into the night is so good with the new effect they added where the sunstrip goes yellow-ish when going under a bridge when getting dark, it has that night-time Le Man feel to it, so many little updates!