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Sep 8, 2019
phoenix84621 submitted a new resource:

Mercedes Powers Everyone - What if Mercedes powered everyone in F1?

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@phoenix84621 I have to give you 3 requests. Will you work on them?

1: What if all F1 teams were powered by V12's and V10's? 1995 Ferrari V12 for: Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren and Renault and 1992 or 1996 Williams Renault V10 for: Toro Rosso, Racing Point, Alfa Romeo, Haas and Williams (I suggest you to make it this week) 2: What if a Classic car replace a F2 car? (1995 Ferrari from F1 2018 replacing Trident 2019 as a example) 3: What if F2 raced with 90's aero with V12 engines

Also, I suggest you upload the V12 engine mod for all F2 2019 cars here.