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Mercedes and the unlucky 13

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Daniel Smissen, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Daniel Smissen

    Daniel Smissen

    Hey guys
    Just started a f1 blog and thought would post it up on here, if its not cool then the mods can take it down

    Unlucky 13

    Since the 2014 season ended we all thought it, We never said it out loud for the thought of it being true left us with those winter blue’s that we just can’t shake. Mercedes were dominant last year leaving historic teams like Ferrari, McLaren and Williams begging for that final race in Abu Dhabi to come around just so they could take stock and try to find a way to close that gap. What these teams never thought was that Mercedes would take winter break and take the championship winning W06 and turn into a darker angrier beast the W06.

    All during winter testing there car pounded round Jerez and Barcelona completing more laps then any other teams, constantly either at the top of there about without ever stressing there engine or pushing it any where near the limit of what it can go, While Renault and the Ferrari went about trying to fix the wrongs of 2014 Mercedes were re writing the rule book for 2015, further proof of this was when the Mercedes team admitted they had only used one engine where as Renault were using a engine a day.

    Which brings us to sunday.

    Mercedes were one two the whole race but you just never saw them, there sponsors must pay millions upon millions to have there brand on the race winning cars but there dominance is so huge, that with a full grand prix distance we only saw them for Ten minutes or so.

    So what did we watch, sadly not enough, By the end of Lap one there was only Thirteen cars left, with two cars out in front and one slow McLaren at the rear, that took us to just Ten cars that we had to watch to be entertained. This is not the first opening grand prix which failed to entertain but in a generation of paid drivers who do nothing to inspire or the young kids who no doubt have all the potential to be future world champions but I cannot accept anyone who say’s Max Verstappen is ready for F1, the line that the track was the only place in Melbourne that he could legally drive just shows how its really not about talent anymore, So in a race which only had 13 drivers after lap one and 11 come the end were all sat knowing but not wanting to say it out loud, F1 is in a dire state, with Mercedes and there engine pushing forward its hard to see when this level of dominance will end.
  2. ENDR


    Ooooooookay... :cautious:
    On a side note:
  3. Darth


    Good one. They're probably hoping that the Mercedes drivers will start battling
    it out for the win, for more viewing time of course.
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