Mechanical failure. Possible?


Try revving the engine while in neutral for a long time and it'll soon catch fire and fail, so yes, mechanical failures of a sort are available in the game. That's the only one I've come across myself, but that's not to say there aren't more.

When you're setting up a single race, for example, where you're selecting the car and track there's a "MECH FAILURES' selection that you can choose off, normal or time scaled. So looks like it's in. I've not really played around with mech failures very much though.


As Dewald says, you need to set it in the menu, BUT you also need to increase the chance of it happening, or I don't believe you will see it happen otherwise (unless you drive for hours at a time).

Are you asking about AI or the player?

For the AI, if you look in the engine.ini file there are two lines that can be edited to change the chance of mechanical failure.
Example: in the F_V12_engine.ini


So the average lifetime of the engine (per session) is 14400 seconds (4 hours)
with a variation of 3600 seconds (1 hour).
I'm not sure if there are any other variables in the calculation, but if you reduce the lifetime to 3600 and the Variation to 1800 or even 2700, you are far more likely to see some failures.

Using this method, the reason for mechanical failure shows up in the results log as Gears, Brakes, Engine or Susp. I believe this reason is chosen at random.

I don't think the player is affected by the above but I'm not 100% sure about that.

Player mechanical failures are also possible in the engine.ini but not quite so easy to create.
Sometimes I watched people revving the car too, too much, something you can´t really do in real life without damaging any part of the motor or the gearbox. We usuallly try to take care of the tyres, but never think of the rest.