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McLaren Vodafone Livery

Skins McLaren Vodafone Livery 1.0

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KeisariKine submitted a new resource:

McLaren Vodafone Livery - Bring back McLaren's classic Vodafone livery in 2019

McLaren's classic Vodafone livery now back in 2019! Not based on any specific year, it's a bit of mix and match of all the Vodafone liveries. If you have any issues please report them in the mod support thread and NOT IN THE REVIEWS!

Both Paste installation and ERP Arhchiver installation, for the ERP Archiver installation I've included a lot of the textures from the Multiplayer car but you can install more if you wish. The only custom textures are the numbers and the paint files...

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In the last few days I created a Black Vodafone Mclaren livery.
Right now I'm too lazy to change all of the driver numbers.

Can I use your driver numbers?