McLaren MP4-12C GT3 @ Vallelunga

As the title says, i cannot do that under 1:33 challenge, best so far is 1:34:480.
I have no idea how to tweak a setup of a car and beside the fuel and tyres i never touch anything else.
Could some one post a nice setup that he is using?
I did around 40 laps with this setup but is pretty much the same, actually im about 0.200(1:34:630) slower. I feel like the car is unstable on going out from the corner, cannot really go on the power that fast. At first didnt like the short 2nd gear but got use to it.
I found that reducing the rear wing by a couple of notches, and reducing diff lock under power by about 5-10% (from the base setup), bought me quite a bit of time
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Can someone post his setup from last night race.
I did a 1.35.797 on hotlap but in practice, qualy and race i was 1sec slower.
Last weeks race @silverstone gave me a reverse result.
Hotlap ok and in qualy i was almost a sec faster,

Maybe the updates have something to do with it and myself?


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am i noob or now is impossible to go as fast as before? my best lap is 1 37 800...