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manually modding championship rules

is there any possibility to mod my game files to change the rules for the class im in? id like to change things (like add in refuelling) but i just cant seem to fight it
Yes, you can change them. You can see which rules are used in your league in the Championships.txt file. And you find all the possible rules in the Rule Changes.txt file. You need Assets Bundle Extractor 2.0 64bit program to take this file out of the resources.assets (which is under the MM_Data game folder), change them and put then back in again. To edit the files you can use Motorsport Database Editor. But be careful according to the changes that you made your game may crash (so best take a backup), if you put rules that are in the same category like no refueling and Refuelling (using 40kg Fuel Tanks) the game will crash. Also you need to start a new game (or maybe a new season for the rules to work I guess).
- Do a backup of resources.assets
- Open with Asset Bundle Extractor
- View -> Search by Name -> Championships (Rule Changes)
- Select Championships (Rule Changes)
- Plugins -> Extract to .txt
- Edit Championships.txt (Rule Changes.txt)
Again from the Program
- Select Championships (Rule Changes)
- Plugins -> Import from .txt
- Chose the modified files
- Save to resources.assets ( or to another filename to do backups )