Making tracks from the scratch

Hi Folks,

I´m developing a trackeditor in Delphi and openGL for F1Rc GTR 2 GTL and other racing series.
Now I can make tracks from the scratch.
Im using bezier splines to create smooth roadsectors, grasses curps etc. textureditor and AIW editor is also included.
Easy buildings are constructed, graphicaly with mouse clicks and complex building are programmed in delphi.
All 3D-modell data are exported in the old F1RC *.MTS File and converted to GMT or GTL by 3DSimed. :D
The trackeditor is now working fine. I managed to build test and improve tracks for F1Rc GTR 2 GTL.

To convert tracks to Race ON /07/GTREvo the 3DSimEd also works fine, but all cars are stucking in the road surface and are not drivable.

There are some strange behaviour of the cars after converting my *.MTS data tracks or other tracks from GTR2 to Race07.
Does anybody know a link to information of the GTR2 or Race07 *.GMT file format?
Does anybody know what has changed from GTR2 File to Race07 *.GMT files
What has to be considered by converting tracks.

Would great if someone could help me

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Im not heavy into this but I do know that the newer Simbin games do not generate HAT files. You have to get one by running in GTR2 first. I'm sure you probably know that but if not maybe ot could be your problem with the cars stuck in the ground.

The other stuff, maybe see if any of the BTB guys can help you out.
Thank you for your reply.
I will try to find and test a generated HAT file.

I also tried some different materialnames road, roadmain, b1road, b2road, b3road etc.
in GTR2 the materialname also matters. But there is no improvment.
There must be another reason for stucking in the road surface. :crying:

I now try to make my AIW Raceline more compatible. (There are some more content information per each AIW Point such as wp_normal, wp_multipathlat and some more) I try to calculate them or to set them to zero.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Nice, glad it worked. I can pretend to be a track god/guru now! :D (pppffff, yeah I wish)
Next things with my track is at race session.
In GTR2 and Race On qualifiing, test drivingi works ok, but its seems to hang up only with "Race On" at final race.
Now I have to check out what is wrong with this item

I suggest the AIW file has some bad information for race session.
Calculating AIW line is very tricky, because of internal links.
I have to check and try some entry changes.
Changed a little bit of AIW now it works,

But the AI Cars are driving a little bit slow (8 Sek. per lap)

Now I try to Improve AI driving speed.
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