Mac controls help.



I dont know if this is a bug or not, but when I launch racer in mac, It is not the main window, and will not drive. :(

I know how to change gears and stuff, but I need to know the other basics. Thanks. :)


Maybe you know already or not, you need to first set up your key or mouse to control cars.
click the option\control, click the function, eg brake then click a whatever key you want as a brake...


Apr 8, 2009
I've found from time to time when upgrading the Racer versions that I needed to re-calibrate my steering wheel and pedals .. took me ages to work that out just the other day as without re-calibrating the car wouild go but only if I dropped the clutch after reving the bejesus out of the engine and then it went slower in higher gears ... hMmm not much smarts here on that day I'm afraid ... hahaha
also after calibration refer to above post by mouse2
if your using the keyboard and mouse ( no pun intended mouse2 ) combination as is the default and probably very popular with many racer fans "S" starts the car "L" turns the lights on and off "F4" hides the mirror ( with the in_car view via the "C" keyboard key use 1 to 0 for ten more views ) you'll find them I'm sure
there's also CTRL-V to hide and view the Guages but that's on a windows computer, I'm not sure what CTRL-V is on MAC

more keys can be set to a steering wheel such as the POV switch in the steering wheel can be set to make the view point change
first make the POV up - down - left - right = respectively 8 - 2 - 1 - 3 and set them to the look up look down look left and look right in your default.ini file inside ...sims\racer\data\controls\default.ini
then when you operate the POV on your steering wheel your point of view changes as you drive, but I found it a slow movement and not quite fast enough for what is needed to assimulate glancing in those directions quickly, as you would when normally driving down the road in real life.
try some Fuction keys F1 to F12 ( does MAC's have those ) they show stuff too such as settings while driving, starting to make and saving a AI .. and F2 is replay of course and so on.
well thats a start Sorry i haven't got a MAC so I'm guessing a bit here ... good luck