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Tracks LowLands Circuit

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Mods' started by Borja Ori, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Borja Ori

    Borja Ori



    Circuit of 6,1 Km inspired by tracings like Monza where it gives priority to the top speed.

    Placed to an altitude of 400 m on the level of the sea, in his design straight lines are inserted - or rapid zones, with different variants:

    - Turn 1 hard stopped after the km from the principal straight line, being the last meters downhill; the exit of the curve is complicated maybe the most complicated zone.
    It comes near rapidly to the first chicanne and the raise to the castle: considerable slope. Although you get to high Accelerating thoroughly,
    it is turning to the right and precisely because of the slope the vehicle chassis twists preventing braking curve for Castillo, left,
    being the slowest route and giving access to a drop and 800-meter stretch totalemente thoroughly. Is reached:

    - Second chicane (The variant type Roggia) followed by two right-handers. At this point the circuit plane is similarity between the curves the Roggia to Lesmo at the legendary Italian circuit, although curves have smaller radius and distance between them. After leaving this variant, it returns to accelerte thoroughly, making a small zigzag without lifting the foot up to:

    - Large curve left open 180 degrees, and that leads to another section of line, slightly curved to the right and with minimal hump before braking hard for:

    - The penultimate curve of the circuit, about 70 degrees, very technical, with output to a depth of 400 m straight zone.
    The last corner radius of approximately 110 degrees, which according to setup and grip conditions can be done thoroughly, which is highly recommended because after this the finish line of a km long faces.

    You must attack all the kerbs!!

    We hope you will like it.


    IMAGES: (You will see racedepartment.com advertising ;) )


    Bad Vídeo (sorry) - we are working to record a good one!