lowHUD, a track map for GTL


After extensive searches (thanks Google!) I finally found a program that adds the track map to GTL hud: lowHUD by lowspeed! :cool:

Link to Altbierbude

Probably because it was released on Altbierbude it didn't spread on the net (it was released almost 4 years ago! :confused:) but we are lucky enough that it can be downloaded freely.

It's an external program that must be launched before GTL, but in the end it works like the TrackMap + XD combo in GTR2, and it has also more features.


Great, thanks for posting, I use the one for GTR2 as I like to see where the other cars are, so it's great to have one for GTL.


Works fine in win 7, must have desktop set to same resolution as game, i am using nvidia driver 37254.
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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but just got this mod (lowhud) and can't figure out why it won't show up in cockpit view? If I change driving views it's there, but not inside the cockpit? Thanks for any help/info.
EDIT: After some more tinkering (ie. google) lol I found the .PLR file and inside changed "Allow HUD in Cockpit" from a 0 to a 1.. Solved it!! In case anyone else had the same issue.. :)
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