Low Cost Engine Rejected - Manufacturers to Collaborate

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Paul Jeffrey, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    aaa.jpg Manufacturers currently involved in Formula One have agreed to come together and devise their own proposal addressing costs after the F1 Commission rejected the FIA's 'customer' alternative on Tuesday (24th November).

    Running up to Monday's deadline, three independent manufacturers – Ilmor, AER and Mecachrome – expressed their formal interest in supplying a low cost engine to run parallel to the existing ‘power unit’ rules. However the F1 Commission voted against the governing body's 'alternative engine' plans.

    Sport Bild reports that consideration has been given to keep the current regulations until 2017 and switching to an all-new engine formula for 2018.
    [It] said the new formula would “generate better PR, be louder and technically less complex”.
    Bild said: “In the end, everyone agreed to consider such a compromise. Apparently they have all realised that it is no longer about individual interests, but the very existence of formula one.”

    Following the proposal rejections the FIA will allow the manufacturers to collaborate on devising a proposal that will address the following:
    • Guarantee the supply of Power Units to teams
    • Lower the cost of Power Units to customer teams
    • Simplify the technical specifications of the Power Units
    • Improve the noise

    This news may well come as a blow to the likes of Red Bull Racing who following their recent engine woes were thought to be considering the low cost alternative while negotiations continue with manufacturers about a works supply in the future.
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  2. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Nope, it'll never happen :rolleyes:

    Sorry for my negativity but the engine manufacturers can't agree what to have for breakfast let alone a cut price engine formula :roflmao:

    I was kind of looking forward to some different engine notes in F1, but the noise of the cars doesn't bother me really. Yes they are quieter but you get used to it.

    If a lower cost power unit allows smaller teams a helping hand for a few seasons then I'm all for it. The current systems are great and very clever but they are very expensive and require huge amounts of R&D.

    If you use WEC/LMP as an example the LMP1 privateers were allowed a normally aspirated version engine to save costs but the sheer grunt of the hybrid systems in the works cars meant they were never in a chance of winning or finishing top three. Admittedly the budget difference was huge though. It wasn't out and out power I think but the fact the hybrid systems punch the cars out the corners so rapidly that a N/A engine doesn't stand a chance.

    Maybe the way to do it is a N/A 3.0Litre V8 with a hybrid power system of less capacity? Less complex heat and systems wise (no turbo), the energy store could be from flywheel and brakes. They would still have hybrid for the acceleration, a less complex engine package and a hopefully lower costs.

    Or just give them a 4.0litre 20,000rpm V12.........:sneaky::cool:
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  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

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  4. shardshunt


    its not the faking engines that are the problem f1 people its the bloody aero wash cause of the stupid front wings.

    i cant belive they didnt change this with the new bodys
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  5. Deleted member 130869

    Deleted member 130869

    Bernie and Max were morons years ago. Now Bernie is reaping what he sought and us, proper fans, have been paying the price.
  6. thewarmer


    For lords sake another new engine format in 2017 good job these people do not make engines for everyday cars or they would have gone bust by now .

    Best format for me is anything go's V12 - V6 . V8 inline 4. V10's even V16's why the hell not.
    agree on the output limit agree on cubic size fuel rates & so on but leave the rest open & bring back that mixed engine types sound that as been missing in F1 since the single layout format arrived yes as one of those cost cutting measure that have all failed in the past the new Turbo Era as lacked any of the buzz that made the first one work so well.
    They had better get their collective crap together before the Petrol Era comes to any end way these people go about it that could happen first.
    Mixed engine format would offer the best Audio of an format Ferrari could return to their beloved Vor Flat 12's & the rest could be mix of V8's & V10's . Turbos or not Turbos . it would be interesting to see what the could manage to do with 1.6 ltr without a turbo.
  7. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    I beg to differ on the 'moron' bit.
    Bernie may be a colossal a** but...a moron he's not.
    That's clearly evident by the amount of money he's made from F1 over time.
    If anything... we are the idiots.
    We continue to watch the 'show' ...as he puts it.
    I hate what these guys have done to F1.
    As a long-time fan of F1 racing, (I started following the races in 1971)...it's now become much more about managing the car, than actually racing the car.
    F1 is also cleverly 'veiled' in an attempt to appear 'green'... while attempting to pose as a sport...(and I use that term loosely) promoting technology for the regular automotive world.
    Sure! some small bits trickle down to a few very expensive super-cars... but by large and given the time-frame.... Where is the KERS and DRS for ordinary road going cars?
    KERS has been in F1 since what!....2008?
    My point is this; For most F1 manufacturers, it's about selling cars and technology to folks.. while making them believe their ordinary road car is somewhat similar to an F1 machine.
    As to Bernie... he is the absolute 'ring master' and the collector getting richer by the second.
    It's essentially about making as much money as you can, while appearing to care about the planet and it's issues.
    Bernie is the 'master' of that.
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