Lotus Exos 125 @ Silverstone

Is anyone willing to share a T125 Silverstone setup? I do fairly well at this track but feel like i have a lot more to squeeze out of the car. I'm currently pacing high 1.40's around 1:40.9 - 1:41

thanks in advance
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I am using mugello setup for S1, all around to be honest. Just minor adjustements to camber and differential. And I am currently 11th on pro rank with exos s1 with absolutely no experience with open wheelers and f1 cars what so ever. So I guess it is a very good setup. Probably I am loosing bits of times because of that, track to track but overall it is a good base for every track.

Qazdar Karim

managed a 1:38:590 with my imola setup ! i have a video of the lap but it's a bit messy , and a lot of missed apexes ,gonna try to do a clean 1:37 lap and upload it later !