Lotus Elite Series - Watkins Glen Nascar / Hock Short - Thu 6th May 2010

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Entry List
  • Stuart Thomson
  • Senad Subasic
  • Carlos Diaz
  • Kris Leeten
  • Bob Hutchins
  • Driver
  • Driver
  • Driver
  • Driver
  • Driver
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  • Amir Margalit
  • Roman Kruszewski
All drivers - please be aware:

There is a new system in place for reporting incidents, and a new scale that will be used for punishment of those incidents. It will be viewable to all drivers via the rankings system that was also recently put in place. We will we using a License & Infraction system, and the details can be read here.

Previously, the Staff felt that people were sometimes discouraged from reporting incidents as the only possible punishment was a month long ban, which might have been perceived as too draconian. Now, there is a far more scalable set of punishments which will not necessarily result in an instant ban, but which can be used to monitor who you are driving with.

The staff are asking you, indeed encouraging you, to please use the system, as only with use will it have the desired effect of raising driving standards.

If, after the recommended "review - 24hr cool off - review again" cycle, you still feel that you need to report an incident where you were disadvantaged or your race was ruined, you should send the event organiser a PM with all the relevant details.

As always, accusations and negative comment in the post event thread will not work in anyone's favour, so please use the system that we have put in place.

Kris Leeten

^ I saw your Elite explode when it hit the barrier. No brake marks, straight into the wall.

R1 Watkins:
I seriously have to consider a trip to the USA: After Laguna & Mid-Ohio this is another amazing circuit. Those who say Americans only can race in a straight line haven't seen any of these tracks.
I found a nice pace on the Nascar layout and was able to keep it steady resulting in an amazing 2nd position (podium :cool:) though if it had been 1 lap more I'm sure Robb would have taken that spot. It was difficult for me to keep him behind me for those final laps while Carlos kept the entire race at 2,5 - 3 seconds in front of me. I was hoping every time I saw some dust I would see him in the litter :wink: but that didn't happen.

R2: Hockenheim.
Famous for his T1 which requires a pretty aggressive turn in. I did get a Warning on the exit here 1 time (only 1 :)) My Q was really clean (and fast enough for me) and gave me a 2nd position with only 0.011 from pole señor Diaz.A very strange feeling for me as I never started from the front row in any RD event before. I felt confident when after a while I was able to keep a good view on Carlos car and where it would be possible for me to overtake. Though driving so close to him made me make some mistakes myself. During practice I had no issues at all with the hairpin and I could step on the gas real early but in the race I spun here 2 times in a row. Because of this I completely lost my focus and it took me a while to regain it. I was able to regain position from Senad when he slipped but when Manuel was on my bumper the 3rd spin occurred (impressive driving so close to my bumper). Only near the final 3 laps I regained focus but then I already had a 10 sec gap.

Great fun in this car, although it only has a 4-speed transmission and the seat not on the right side of the car :wink:
Well, not a complete disaster of a night after all. I loved Watkins, awesome track, and I was somewhat competitive in race 2.

Race 1 was okay till I went wide in turn 1 a few laps in, and lost control. When rejoining, I tried to leave room for Stuart on the inside, but daydreamed away, and forgot that I was on the racing line for the next turn, sorry about that. After that, solo race.

Race 2 was remarkably good, I was up to 4th at one point :o. But I'm very inconsistent, so I blew it all pretty soon. Still, had some pace, improved my PB by over 2 seconds, LOL. Got in the low 1:21s, so I'm happy.

A decent night, but I still hate the car and want it to die.
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