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Lost all audio AC

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bartolo, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Bartolo


    Okay another issue
    So after making a fool of myself via the G27 settings thread
    I finally start to sort the FF issues, and was enjoying a decent
    race versus AI then one dude just pushes me thru a corner-
    I went to replay to see how he did it, and lost all audio.
    It has not returned. That was last week and I had not the time to race
    again til last nite and now I'm bumming cause no AC with sound.
    I tried searching for how to remedy this but do not understand the
    Can anyone help with easier troubleshooting for me?
  2. Bartolo


    Well 41 viewers
    nevermind I fixed it
    cheers mates
  3. Radu Oros

    Radu Oros

    Can you share how in case other people search for the same problem? ty.
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  4. Bartolo


    Of course I will
    but I'm not so smart
    I always need help with computers
    I check each mod and removed each one until the sound returned.
    I'm not sure which one, or even if they caused the no audio issue,
    but it came down to two mods.
    A track mod
    I feel it would be very unfair to name the particular mod, because it may have
    been my computer or mistake to begin with.
    This also happened way back in October 2014 but it was recommended in these forums
    to delete AC and reinstall. That also worked.
    But since I have so many mods now, I did not want to delete and do the reinstall work
    for the mods.
    And don't worry all you fine people, you can bet I'll be back to bothering you all
    with my ineptness
    sooner rather than later.
    Cheers mates
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  5. Michael Carver

    Michael Carver

    Most likely it was a "car" mod as with the latest updates, the mods got broken (especially the sounds for modded cars).
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