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Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by TurcoMaldade_, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. TurcoMaldade_


    when I connect to a server, I get "conection lost" after 1 to 5 minutes connected. I tried THREE DIFFERENT SERVERS from big brazilian leagues (F1BC, NeoBR and Clube do Volante) and I got this problem in all of them.

    I tried Google public DNS and tried without fixed DNS.

    Problem persists.

    The files are all ok, since I'm able to go to the track and start driving. The "connection lost" after I'm racing.

    I also tried to run as administrator. Nothing changed.

    I also got 0 (ZERO) packet lost after pinging my connection.

    I run iRacing just fine, I run rF2 just fine, I run Assetto just fine.

    After the connection loss my internet is still ok only the game goes back to menu.
  2. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo

    I was reading about someone having this similar problem with rfactor here:

    BUG: some modems/routers like to close inactive TCP connections after a very short time (about 3 minutes). rFactor uses a TCP connection for chat and sector times. At the recon lap, usually nobody is chatting or driving sector times, and due to the inactivity that connection is closed. We can still see you until rFactor realizes that the connection is not there anymore, and you drop out.

    SOLUTION: keep the TCP connection alive in the recon lap. You can whisper to yourself or somebody can chat to you, then you'll be OK.

    That may not be a very realistic solution but the "BUG" section may help you in narrowing down the problem. A quick google search showed me that you are definitely not the first person with this problem in this game engine.
  3. RasmusP


    Thank you Dann!
    Just bought AMS and no matter on what server I was: "connection lost" after a random time it seemed.
    I mapped a quickchat to my downshift paddle and just did a full hour on a Server :)
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