Looking for WT/Test place for 2011.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Craig Johnston, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Craig Johnston

    Craig Johnston

    I am beginning enquiries into a possible test or WT seat for FSR in the upcoming season. I am mostly looking for a team with a good atmosphere and spirit where I can develop my skills further.

    I have been racing just over a year and in that time have taken part in a few leagues such as Racedepartments FPWS, GPO and the 2010 WT series in FSR. I also run on iRacing in the skip barber series and more recently a couple of events in the Star Mazda.

    I previously raced with BMB and switched to Ash Racing during the first half if the 2010 season, qualifying in a couple of events and scoring a podium finish in the support event round Silverstone. Unfortunately in the latter half of the year a new house and a pregnant girlfriend sank my ability to practice and race further in the league.

    On pace last year I was on the boarderline between the race 1&2 fields, though I feel this has improved somewhat over the last few months.

    While a solid runner in the series is my goal for the year, I feel I would best serve a team as a test/reserve driver, contributing to setup and practice work with promotion to the race seat if required or requested.

    I enjoy working in a team setting and I am open to any discussions team principles may require regarding tests or specific requirements.

    As ever I am available via pm or via msn on request.

    Cheers, Craig.