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Looking for tutorial on making objects for Xpacks



I'm new to BTB, having just purchased a license. The tools provided by Brendon's app are outstanding.

I would like to find a tutorial on making Sobjects and regular objects to be included in an Xpack. I would like to know specifics like scale, object placement, rotation, etc, so that the created object can be imported into an Xpack, and then into BTB.

I tried my hand at it, and added an object from a 3ds file, but the model was not at all right. I used 3ds max to create it. I positioned at world (0,0,0). The collada .dae I created from the same model would not import at all. I made sure all polys had texture mapping and texture applied. I did use a multi-sub material on the model and not single textures for each material.

Mostly I would like to know the 3ds max settings and the dae export settings so that I can get busy making some trackside objects.

I should mention that I always model at 1 unit = 1 meter in MAX. That's normal for working with any models that would be exported using ISI's 3ds MAX exporter.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Eric Tozer

Mar 16, 2009
Hi Tim.
Firstly check the help file (F1) for details on using xpacker.

I always create my objects in Max using meters in both Display units & System units.

Procedural textures won't work, Textures have to mapped to an external file which has to be to the power of 2.
ie: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 pixels in both directions.
They don't have to be square, just any combination of these.
I just use .JPGs & replace them with .DDS in xpacker.

As for collada settings I just use the default settings & they seem fine.

Any more questions just post here & i will try to help.


Apr 23, 2009
why did you have to move it in word, also if you set your grid within 3d max to 1m youll be fine as every block is 1m x 1m makes doin scale easy