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Looking for some tactile immersion feedback.


I read through the tactile immersion thread a bit and I'll be honest, there is a lot there to digest. Without the ability to currently experiment and get familiar with all of the terminology, I figured I'd start my own thread to see if I could get some specific feedback. My budget is ~$500 USD, but it is pretty flexible.

I currently have a SimLab P1-X rig with a GT Omega RS-XL seat bolted to it. Pretty standard, nothing too out of this world.


1. I was considering running 6 shakers/transducers, 1 on each corner of the P1-X, 1 under the pedals, and 1 under the seat. I was thinking being able to isolate specific effects only to specific outputs would be nice, but realistically- would I notice any difference running in this configuration vs 2 under the pedals and 2 under the seat and just doing a front/rear setup?

Next is hardware... there is so much differing of opinions and thoughts out there around hardware. I am sure you guys get asked this a lot and the answers seem to change quite a bit because there are so many options.

2. If I wanted to run the 6 outputs (corners, seat, pedals), should I opt for different hardware for corners vs under seat/pedals? I assume I would want something stronger for under the seat, but I am not sure. Wanted to see what the general consensus was here.

3. What is the current recommendations for transducers/amp combos? There is so much information and honestly, the more I read- the more confused I get and it's getting to the point of analysis paralysis. I am just looking for a pretty standard list of "these work with this". I know there is a lot of information to consider that is pretty indepth- but for someone who is just looking for a shopping list- what would you recommend personally?

I was looking at running 3x https://www.parts-express.com/Pyle-PCA4-Mini-2x120-Watt-Stereo-Power-Amplifier-310-2214 , each would power 2x https://www.parts-express.com/Aurasound-AST-2B-4-Pro-Bass-Shaker-299-028

Sorry, I know you guys probably get questions like these a lot. There is just so much "in the weeds" topics out there, it's hard to actually know where to start from the beginning.
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