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Looking for help

I just bought a T300 RS.

I installed the drivers then connected the wheel, everything looked ok. Then i click the start menu and the main thing that came up was firmware update for thrusmaster.
So sure enough i clicked on it. Then nothing was happening until i finally got a message saying the device was lost or something similar. Then windows gave me the message that the device was no installed correctly.

Now on my device manager i see T300 Bootloader.
I found that most likelly the Firmware is gone as per Support doc by thrustmaster i tried their fix many many time. Spent hours trying to get it to do how they explain and its not working.

The support doc says to hold L3 and R3 while connecting the device then let go of L3/R3 once connected. I do that and it still comes up as T300 bootloader.

I really don't want to return it even if i bough the extended 3 years warranty on it.
If anyone has any idea or has experienced this and got it to work please let me know.

Thanks !

**** FIXED ****
I got it fixed after fiddling some more.
You have to un-installed all the softwares , On re-install when it asks you to connect the wheel it finally did what the fix said it would ( install T300 Bulk driver ) I was then able to update the firmware correctly.
I hope this will help someone else in the future.
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