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Looking for help with some things.

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by PottoGadd, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. PottoGadd


    I'm looking for help with five things.

    1. How to change to ANY team ANY time in my playthrough even if they don't appear in the ''Available Jobs'' section. Hopefully without the game breaking.

    2. How to edit a drivers requirements. Like what position in the team they're comfortable with, and how much money they need.

    3. Every Championship rule ID (I can't find the DLC ones).

    4. How to give the cars more realistic speed. The Eastwood Motorsport cars (F3 cars?) hit just above 400 Km/H on Black Sea, which is not exactly a track with plenty of long straights and not a car capable of those speeds.

    5. How to edit or create a Player Backstory.

    I know how to edit the resources.assets and Assembly-CSharp.dll somewhat but can't figure out how to do these things.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
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