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Looking for collaboration on a new type of league

Hi all,

I'm the author of a set of tools that allows the automatic transfer of engines from the game Automation (example gameplay) into cars in Assetto Corsa (found here). I'm looking to start-up a new league for all abilities with a twist based on this functionality.

I'd like to set up a league that is as much about the teams as it is the drivers; the first iteration of league would be single chassis league (an existing car in Assetto Corsa) but teams would enter with their own engine based on a set of fixed restrictions/criteria - these engines can then be swapped into the car and each team would enter with that car. They can then create their own skins if desired

I'm looking for anyone interested in exploring this concept either as a team, driver, or collaborator on the running of the league itself. Happy to hear from you directly but would prefer replies on this thread as any ideas/thoughts can then be shared and built upon.

Thanks for reading