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Looking for an Rseat Evo V3

Maybe a used 1. Dimensions are listed
  • 1 RS1 + all accessories + RS STAND T3XL for up to 3×47 inch TV’s – L1=(Min=1900mm/74.8inch, Max=3000mm/118inch) L2=(Min=1500mm/59inch)
  • 2 RS1 + all accessories + RS STAND T3L for up to 3×32 inch TV’s – L1=(Min=1600mm/63inch, Max=2100mm/82.7inch) L2=(Min=1500mm/59inch)
  • 3 RS1 + all accessories + RS STAND T3S3 for up to 1x65inch TV – L1=1600mm/63inch L2=(Min=1500mm/59inch)
  • 4 RS1 + all accessories L1=688 mm. (27.1inch) L2=(1300-1480 mm. (51.2inch – 58.27inch)