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Looking for a test driver role

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ryan Walker, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Ryan Walker

    Ryan Walker

    Hello everyone

    Looking for a test driver role with the possibility of taking part in 2014.

    I can work hard in a team and can give feedback on the set up and car and always motivated to help a team improve.

    Here is some experience I have in open wheel racing on another league I raced. I have scored points in the GPVWC Supercup races I have taken part in this season and finished on the podium most of the time in the GPVWC Supercup this season and was leading the championship at one point but had to give up due to job commitments and other personal things going on.

    I also won the GPVWC award for most improved driver in the Supercup in 2011 and also the GPVWC most improved driver for Superleague in 2011.

    I also do touring car racing on another league where I took two wins at Oran Park in the Virtual V8 Supercar Series and a top 10 finish at Sydney Park and last week took my best result in division 1 at Bathurst with Airastream Motorsport and also do endurance racing as well with Satellite Racing where I always aim to get the car to the finish and also a manager for the sim racing side of the team.

    Also below is a record from Supercup and Superleague last year and 2011 and 2013 so far before I had to quit:

    2013 Supercup season:
    Australia: 3rd
    Malaysia: 3rd
    Austria: 2nd
    Hungary: 5th
    Barcelona: 2nd
    Monaco: 2nd
    Canada: 3rd
    Istanbul: 3rd
    Korea: 4th

    2012 Supercup season:

    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - 7th
    Italian Grand Prix - 7th
    Dutch Grand Prix - 5th
    United States Grand Prix - 10th
    Brazilian Grand Prix - 10th

    2011 Superleague season:
    South Africa - 10th
    Austria - 10th
    France - 9th
    Silverstone - 7th
    Bahrain - 6th
    Istanbul - 6th
    Monza - 7th
    Zandvoort - 8th
    Singapore - 10th
    2011 Superleague standings finish: 17th
    GPVWC Superleague Most Improved Driver 2011
    2011 Supercup season:
    Mexico: 1st
    Spa - 2nd
    Barcalona - 2nd
    Turkey - 6th
    Bahrain - 9th
    Supercup standings finish - 9th
    GPVWC Supercup Most Improved Driver 2011

    Here is a lap I done of the Magny-Cours track in 2013:

    Thanks for your time
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2013
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  2. Jeffrey Rietveld

    Jeffrey Rietveld

    So much effort in this thread, therefore, good luck ! ;)
  3. Ville Leppala

    Ville Leppala

    Well hello Mr. Walker and welcome to FSR. ;) Good grab for any team, good luck trying to find a seat. :thumbsup:
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  4. Rando Tamm

    Rando Tamm

    PM you! :giggle:
  5. Ryan Walker

    Ryan Walker

    Team found - thanks for looking:)
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