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Looking for a racing wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by rubaru, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. rubaru


    I'm looking for a new racing wheel to use with my PS3 and will remain compatible with a PS4 if I choose to get one. I primarily play F1 2014 and Grand Turismo, and will get F1 2016 for the PS4. Any recommendations will be fine and I'll research price later. Thanks!
  2. Skazz


    There are 3 serious options for PS3/PS4:
    - Thrustmaster T150 (mixed cog and belt drive, not too powerful motor, cheapest decent PS4 wheel)
    - Logitech G29 (behaves like a DFGT on PS3 so will work with everything, fully licensed on PS4, cog driven but less damped than the T150)
    - Thrustmaster T300 (belt driven, more powerful motor than the other two, low damping, swappable rims, supports PS3 and PS4 games). This wheel also comes in a more expensive package "Alcantara Edition" with better rim and pedals.

    Compatibility for the Thrustmaster wheels is shown on their support site. For instance:
    Open up the PS3 game support and you can see that F1 2014 and GT5/6 is supported. On the PS4 side all titles are supported.

    Obviously you'll quickly see when researching that the Thrustmaster pedals are well below the the G29 in quality, whereas the belt drive of the T300 is a big step up from the G29. Depending on your location and how much each wheel costs for you, the right choice will come to you. Purely from the point of view of the most optimal experience the T300 alcantara would win in my opinion, but it costs the most.
  3. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I just bought a G29 for my PS4 (was still using my G25 on PS3 and PC) as I figured it was time to cave in after 3 years of holding out for PS4 drivers for the G25 :roflmao:

    I've only had an hour or so with it today, but it feels pretty good on the PS4. Suddenly I can get the car round the 'track' in DiRT Rally, for instance. :p The build quality is solid, the pedals are heavy and they've added more resistance and shorter travel to the brake pedal, which I like. Not tried Project Cars yet, but did give it a spin in DriveClub where it actually felt pretty good too, but I think I'll dial back their 'vibration' settings a touch.

    Paid £130 for it on Amazon's Black Friday deals - bargain! ;)