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Lola T290

Cars Lola T290 1.0

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Lasse Ougaard submitted a new resource:

Lola T290 - 1970's 2.0L Sportscar

This is a standalone car, intended to compliment the excellent Lola T280 addon by PixSim.

I have had this car lying around on my harddrive since early 2015, more or less finished. I've tried to contact PixSim for permission to modify their car several times, but had no response from them. ALL credits for the original car go to them! PixSim: If you do not feel this addon to your car is OK, feel free to contact me!

The Lola T290:
The T290 was the little brother of...

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an rFactor car packed like an rFactor2 car (rfcmp), i think you may have it in the wrong section.
Thanks for this car Lasse! Very fun to drive. The only thing is I wish the engine volume was louder. I can barely hear it. That high-revving motor should be spilling it's guts. Btw...Patrick Head and John Barnard had a hand in this design. ...they went on to do bigger things. ;)
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Thank you Lasse Ougaard for this beautiful car. Totally agree with Mr Rowland - Great fun to drive, but could be louder.

Thank you again,

Thank you!! Very, very nice car. I've been driving it at Mills and it's excellent right out of the box. (Really like the engine sound.)
+2 regarding engine sound not loud enough. Very low volume in cockpit but then very loud during replays IIRC.

Also, is anyone else experiencing very slow AI? I am experiencing at >1 track.

I've thought about it. This car could use an update. I am working on other things that take priority for the time being though :) Maybe at some point in the future.

I've been digging up historic photos for more skins. Would you care to package them for your update?