Lola T290 1.0

1970's 2.0L Sportscar

  1. Lasse Ougaard
    This is a standalone car, intended to compliment the excellent Lola T280 addon by PixSim.

    I have had this car lying around on my harddrive since early 2015, more or less finished. I've tried to contact PixSim for permission to modify their car several times, but had no response from them. ALL credits for the original car go to them! PixSim: If you do not feel this addon to your car is OK, feel free to contact me!

    The Lola T290:
    The T290 was the little brother of the T280, and where the 280 was designed for the then-new Group 6 3-litre class, the T290 competed in the Group 6 2-litre category. The T290 was basically the same car as the T280, with a few detail changes, like outboard brakes, smaller spoiler and a rear subframe (because the inline-4 engines were not designed to be a loadbearing part of the car.) It was a very succesfull car, claiming several race and championship wins in the early 1970's, over competing cars like the Chevron and Osella Abarth.

    The simulated car:
    Crucially, the T290 was supplied from Lola with no engine, so several different powertrains were seen in the T290. This version includes 3 engines;

    -1,8 Ford Cosworth FVC (280hp):
    The FVC was tried and tested in Formula 2, but was at the end of it's development.

    -2,0 Chevrolet Cosworth EA (Vega) (285hp)
    The Cosworth EA was a brand new aluminium-block engine based on the Chevrolet Vega engine. While it showed great potential it was ultimately a failure, because of reliabilty issues.

    -2,0 Abarth (270hp)

    The Abarth engine was produced and developed in much smaller numbers and on a smaller budget, hence not as powerful, but as far as my research goes it was quite reliable.

    Due to the lighter 2L engines compared to the big 3L DFV in the T280, the T290 is around 50kg lighter. This makes the car quite a lot more nimble, as most of the weight is lost from the rear axle. The less powerfull engines means this car is more forgiving than the 3L, but also means you have to keep the RPMs high to keep the engines in the powerband. It's more "chuggable", respond quite well to being driven agressively, but will still bite if you over-do it. Ultimately I think the T290 is more enjoyable and fun! :)

    I want to say a big thanks to:

    -PixSim: For creating the Lola T280 off of which my work is based
    -ISI: For various 3D bits and pieces from the historic formula cars I have used.
    -DucFreak: Sounds! The Cosworth engines uses his Ford BDA sound, and the Abarth uses his Alfa GTA sounds.
    -Siim Annuk: For lightflare shaders and textures
    -David Gathercole Race Engines: For invaluable data and dyno sheet regarding the Cosworth FVC engines. (

    Have fun!

    Lasse Ougaard


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Recent Reviews

  1. trecinni
    Version: 1.0
    Error getting stats for texture LOLA280_BODY_D.DDError loading texture LolaT280_BODY_D material... and so on, many times.
  2. JoelRR
    Version: 1.0
    Loved this mod since GTR2! Great work
  3. tking
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you!! Very, very nice car. I've been driving it at Mills and it's excellent right out of the box. ( Really like the engine sound.)
  4. Hsmmer
    Version: 1.0
    If you do not feel this add-on to your car is OK, feel free to contact me!

    Ego cop out ..........THUMBS DOWN
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