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Sell Logitect G27, TrackIR 5 & Saitek Pro rudder pedals

Hi all,

Selling some of my stuff that i have not used for a while now.

For sale is:

My Logitech G27. £50 All in good working order, my dog chewed through the cable on the pedals years ago but i fixed it and is still in good working order with the normal amount of ware on them.

Saitek Pro Flight rudder pedals. £100. Again all in good working order with the normal amount of ware on them.

TrackIR 5. £100. The camera is in good working order. The Track Clip Pro works but has the cover missing off the back (see photo) and the main sensor will not hold into place (this can be glued or taped into position once the user is happy).

All of these items do not include postage and the buyer will have to cover the cost. If you are in the area of Northumberland, I could maybe deliver within reason.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you


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