Logitech Wheel Settings - A FFB Guide


After some quick tweaking, I am very happy with the below, completely transformed the game for me. (Dare i suggest it's approaching Assetto Corsa levels off FFB?) :cool::p

Disclaimer: FFB is subjective, use as a baseline, adjust to your liking, pay your bills, don't cut
Tweaked using Finland, Wales, and the 2000's Subaru.

Note I am running the IMPACT FFB Mod V5: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/impact-force-feedback.107811/

Global Settings:

  • Stregth - 107%
  • Spring - 100%
  • Damper - 100%
  • Centering Spring - Enabled, set to 0%
  • 540 Degrees
  • Allow Game to Adjust - Enabled
In game:
  • Self Aligning Torque - 137
  • Wheel Friction - 115
  • Tire Friction - 100
  • Suspension - 49
  • Tire Slip - 5
  • Collision - 100
  • Soft Lock - 0
  • Steering Center Force - 0
Suspension/Tire Slip:
Setting past 49%, or 5% respectively would introduce the common G25 'rattle' on my wheel. Should you experience rattling, set tire slip to 0, and move suspension down in 1% increments until it clears up. You can then re-introduce tire slip and adjust in the same manner. Alternatively, if rattling is not an issue, you can set suspension % higher as you may have more headroom before the rattle begins on your wheel. YMMV
Steering Torque and Wheel Friction:
As my G25 has been modded with a heftier Momo Red wheel rim, you may able to reduce the torque/friction sliders down a little while retaining the same overall feel on your setup using the lighter G25 rim. Think of Steering Torque as FFB Gain, and Wheel Friction as Steering Resistance Level and adjust to your liking.

Controller Settings:

  • Steering/Accel/Brake Saturation - 100
  • Steerling/Accel/Brake/Clutch Deadzone - 0
  • Steering Linearity - 2 or 3 for subie
  • Clutch Saturation - 5%
Steering Linearity:
While 0 in theory is best, each car feels quite different in practice. Adjust individually until responsiveness and steering input/output is to your liking. Slow/unresponsive? - increase. Too fast/sensitive? - decrease. If you find you are approaching the extremes considering adjusting your degrees of rotation under global settings, if your degree setting is in the correct ballpark you should only have to fine tune using this method.
The game seems to treat this setting more like a button than an axis, which can be a pain when shifting with an H-Shifter, I would advise not setting over 10-15% as mis-shifts will be triggered if the clutch is not depressed perfectly 100% at all times during the shift. (Codemaster overlords: Plenty of room for improvement here! Gearboxes are not 1's and 0's, hell you don't even need a clutch to shift if you know what you are doing :roflmao:)

If you drive one of the version 1 cars, you'll likely need to turn steering torque and friction back down to around 100. (Until Codies updates, the V2 physics cars have weaker FFB that we compensated for in the settings above)

Now with that out of the way, who's making a Samir Co-Pilot Mod :D

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