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  1. captain_manering


    has anybody got any settings im struggling so bad on the pc really dont wanna go back to pad on console.
  2. Jarno Zurev

    Jarno Zurev

    Here's what I'm using with my G27:

    I don't think you can set a specific Logitech profile for Forza because it is UWP. So, in the Logitech Global Device Settings, I have:
    • 100%
    • 100%
    • 100%
    • Check center spring, 0%
    • Uncheck Combined
    • 260° (It seems the game forces all steering wheels to 180° rotation limit. Even then, the in-game steering will be somewhat less than whatever you set here. Setting it at 260° seems to be the smallest value that will allow the game to go its full 180°. The motor-lock of the G27 happens a little beyond where the game stops turning, though. Avoid the cockpit view that shows the drivers hands for less weirdness.)
    • Check allow game to adjust
    In game, I have:
    • Vibration: 30
    • FFB: 100
    • Sensitivity: 100
    • Linearity: 50
    • Understeer: 170
    • Min Force: 100
    • Damper: 5
    • Center: 5
    You could start with these settings and see what you think, then tweak things from there.

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