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I have the logitech g27, but when I start a race or a training in race 07 or gtr evo my gives automatically full throttle and it brakes so hard that the car doesnt move, while I dont even touch anything. Also when I go to the menu to look at my controls, I can see that the game thinks that i'm turning to the left, giving full throttle and brakes. Also when i try to remap my controls it first says joy 1..., but when I remap any control it says joy 2... Also the game doesnt recognize my fifth gear. I've tried to use the logitech profiler, but that doesnt work neither. I have a intel i7, 6GB ddr3 and an ATI radeon HD 5870 video card. What could be my problem here?:frown::confused:Srry for my bad english:sorry:

Dave Flower

Had a very similar problem with a Logitech DFP - In the end I don't really know for sure how I cured it - so I can only say what I did do that helped...

First the changing ID from Joy 1 to Joy 2 appears to be related to having other USB devices attached, in my case it was a Logitech Wingman Force 3D.. Removing that - before start up stops the switching id's - Also somewhere and I honestly can't remember if it was in Logitech Profiler or Windows (but definitley not in game) theres an option to force or set id for the wheel - so it will always be recognised as Joy 1 or Joy 2.
Another in game fix is to simply create two profiles that are exactly the same - so on the day when its Joy 1 use the profile Joy 1 then on a day when its Joy 2 create the same profile but as Joy 2 once done its easy to switch.

When I was having these problems I found that changing settings in profiler while in game numerous times appears to confuse the game and the wheel and often the only way is a complete shutdown of your system - ideally leave profiler alone once you have it set up - remember allow game to adjust settings - and reduce that centering spring, lots of posts say 0% centering spring.

Hopefully you'll have switched on you pc and have found all is well, good luck with this - I know how frustrating it can be...

Robin Cook

Dont forget to turn off combined pedals in the logtech profiler. throttle and brake might be to do with that.
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