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  1. Jeffry in t Veld

    Jeffry in t Veld

    Finding some good mods out there takes some serious Googling, :rolleyes: so i want to start a thread where we can post modifications, from simple mods we can do ourself, to real modifications we can buy.

    This is the first one i encountered and is very simple to do:

    - Improving the feel of the G27 Shifter (click here for video):
    aka, it removes the sound it makes when the metal part of the shifter hits the plastic housing, i used draft sealing tape, its a bit thicker than velcro as used in the video but gives better results!

    - Keep the leather in better shape over time:
    One thing that most people probably forget is that the G27 has real leather wrapped around the steering rim, around the shifters knob and around the main shifters stick. This loose part around the shifters stick that is mostly for decoration is probably the first thing that will rip over time, but if you take care of the leather will you use the wheel, you can keep it in the same state as when you bought it. Buy some leather protection cream to keep the leather in it's same perfect shape, leather over time will dry out, catch dirt and grease. Not only does this keep the leather in perfect state, it will also repel the dirt and anything that is on your hand, mostly fat from food or just having a greasy skin, this way it will not go in the leather and ruin it.

    - Enhance the grip on the clamps:
    I use my G27 on a desk that has a pretty smooth surface, so i have to really tighten the screws of the clamps so it stays on its spot, to prevent the clamps to break somewhere in the future because it has to be so tight, i added some anti slip mat material on the clamps and on the bottom side of the wheel opposite of the clamps, you can use simple Anti Slip Tape, but seeing the clamps don't have a smooth survive but are grooved, that tape won't last, i still happened to have a anti slip mat (not one for showers!), that my wife used to keep all the knifes, spoons and forks from sliding all over in the kitchen sink drawer when opened. I used a two component epoxy glue to glue the anti slip together, let it dry while applying pressure for a hour and my wheel will never slip and the clamps don't need to be tightened with allot of force! The glue i used:
    You can also use IPS Weldon 5 Oz 16 Acrylic Cement, this pretty much welds the two components together making a impossible bond to break!

    I can add mods that can be bought, but some are way too expensive and i don't even know if they are worth it. Please add some that are people!:geek:

    -Chilicoke offers some modifications as a adapter to attach a MoMo wheel! Bigger shifter paddles and more!
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