Logitech G25 shifter internal color wiring order

Feb 12, 2014
Hi all,

In an attempt to make my G25 shifter compatible with my G27 wheel long time ago, I messed with the internal wiring connector order with no success. What I need now is if someone can share or have the correct wiring connector color cable order of the G25 shifter. Here is what I currently have.

All of this because I did not want to mess with the DB9 connector and did not took a picture of how it was before :mad::cry:



Apr 13, 2018
You appear to have them in the correct order for a G25. It matches what's shown here:

It seems to me that it wouldn't be possible to convert it between G25 and G27 by just swapping wires around on that connector anyway - since there aren't 9 wires to play with at that point it doesn't seem possible to change which pins are shorted together on the DB9. (Ref: diagrams on this page).

In case it helps for reference, I also found a pic of the G27 connector:

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