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GTR2 Locking setup race session

What option needs to be disabled to stop gtr2 locking setup between qualy and race.

95% of the time i cant change the fuel load anymore in race session.
After done qualifly.

With races/race classes that dont have those kind of rules.

Last night i had a race 40 laps spa.
Ai cars after qual had full tanks.

I could only drive with the amount of fuel used in the qualify session.
Ai cars also had in qualify less fuel.
But they can change it players dont..

Is there a way to work around this?
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With single race.. no matter what car i choose i cant edit my fuel load after quali. All Ai cars have fueled to the max but i am stuck with my quali fuel load. The Ai cars also quali with about 15 -25 litres but in race they have full fuel load and i am stuck with 15-25 litres.

What command line or rules
Are used for this?

Because this way i need to quali with full fuel load to have full fuel load at the start of the race.

Only problem with this is Ai dont quali with a full fuel load