Live For Speed | December Progress Report

I heard about it at the "High Gear" forums.. Do you remember those?

I was one of the few people who bought GPL on its day of release (By the sounds of it there was only a few of us). That was an eye opener for serious concentration whilst racing... all without FFB too from memory. Had the old GPL Replay analyser.. Great tool that one. So, yeah, I'm with you in terms of excitement factor.. But then my cynicism kicked in not long after. Good days though... I guess we are both showing our age :)

No, I didn't knew those forums. I was mostly in racesimcentral and speedgeezers forums and more in particular in the racesimcentral diy hardware mods section. People had diy hall sensor throttles, load cell brake pedals and 900degrees steering wheels way earlier than any comertial steering wheel had them. IIRC Leo Bodnar started there to sell his hardware there because he saw that very few people had the means and will to build a game controller by themselves. I have really fond memories from back then, all the simracing world was present in that forum. When the forum had the problem that put them offline for weeks because of a loss of data without backup it was kind of like when Alexandria library was put on fire, so much diy info was lost and the forum disbanded forever in matter of weeks. I miss those days.

GPL was incredible back then, but we were a very closed community, the game never sold good. I can understand why, GPL was way too hardcore for the average player and even most seasoned hardcore simracers. Just remember how you could spin in 3rd or 4th gear going in a straight line, not everybody can deal with it. But I liked the challenge, no other sim before nor after has given me such a rush of adrenaline every time I take a corner, because you never was sure if you would crash or have an amazing corner exit. I remember the VROC "hold on to your butts!", then the Gem+ with iGOR, the first track mods (my first were Sebring, and Solitude, and my favourite was clermont ferrand 65 from GPLEA), the GPLEA 67 cars and sounds. I made a lot of friends on the chat, one of them knew Paul Skingley and I got to try the 69 mod, the lotus cortina mod and targa florio betas months before they where released, and later but only for a insignificantly brief amount of time I got to be beta tester in the thundercars mod.

Man, nothing has ever been harder than thundercars mod with the rain mod tracks, nothing gets even close. I also miss the GPLRANK, and how you could download the world record from any track/car combo (as it was mandatory to upload the replay in order to be verified to claim the record), you could then open it in replay analyser and compare your lines, speeds, and all the telemetry was there because in GPL replay files all the driver inputs and car position were recorded in it.
Who knows if we raced online back then, those where good times, people even were polite waiting for others in a crash, excusing themselves taking all the blame for incidents, and anouncing PO (pit out) to avoid collisions. I have trouble to remember any asshole back then.

Later I played for some time nascar racing 2003 and the GTP mod in NR2003, the same old faces where there as it was a continuation of the GPL physics engine and game by dave kaemer, after that sierra folded and dave funded Iracing. I loved the concept since the very first time, but I hate the software as a service concept, so I parted ways with a lot of people.
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The game is looking absolutely fantastic, the visuals & new track changes are amazing and who knows maybe we'll get the Scirocco with this update(or shortly after), after all they still have a different version with the car and i'd doubt they'd go to the trouble of updating the car had it crashed or something through out different versions to never release it. Although I doubt there'll come a new "tire model", maybe update the current one to be more sophisticated as the current one is still great and can easily go against modern sims wether people accept it or not.


hehe, yeah. Good old racing legends. I still remember people on the forums being adamant they had seen loads of development and that the title was real.

Came across this the other day which summed up the whole Racing Legends / West Brothers fiasco nicely. (youtube vid)

The legend of racing legends

And with the new AMS1 VR support, I have been having a blast in my own offline F1 Vintage championship in the Barber (Brabham BT26A equiv).

Wait...WHAT???? AMS1 VR Support?????
Endearing. And when will there be a new update to the Sim?

To me, one of the best Sims, and its old graphics still look very nice, and it's a joy to drive because
it feels like driving real cars.

Merry christmas.
Yep. It is indeed true. Its brilliant, Check it out. Apparently they also did VR Support for GTR2 too. Haven't tried that though.

AMS1 VR support
This piece of news should get its own article in racedepartment! This is absolutely amazing!!! The lack of VR is the only reason why I never got into AMS1 that much. With all the mods available it's going to be insane! I assume in the future this plugin will work with the other ISI engine games...
It seems Goffik already posted about GTR2 in another thread which also discussed AMS1 here

Its a pity things like this don't make it to the NEWS page because if you don't check those game specific threads because you believed they will never support VR, you can easily miss it (as did I).
LFS is able to tweak its graphics with all those restrictions of the old engine to have a far better look than a DX11 racing game. This is amazing.
I made a lot of friends on the chat, one of them knew Paul Skingley and I got to try the 69 mod, the lotus cortina mod and targa florio betas months before they where released, and later but only for a insignificantly brief amount of time I got to be beta tester in the thundercars mod.


I think I remember you from old times and beta testing.
Paul Skingley, me and others are still testing beta mods and tracks for good old Grand Prix Legends (GPL) and Paul is also admin of my GPL mods online racing league GPLRACER :)

And the community is still very helpful and friendly today.

If you and others would like to see what the GPL community has created in the last 22 years have a look at the GPL 2020 Demo


I think I have to go online with Live for Speed (LFS) again soon.
I play modern sims like Assetto Corsa, Automobilista 2, Dirt Rally 2.0, Wreckfest (well not a full sim), .... but LFS is still on my hard drive and I raced it again for some online pickup races some months again. There is still an active community and I had great fun again racing it.
I am looking forward to any LFS updates that might come in the future. :)