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Skins Lister Storm Marlboro 2015-06-25

GT-PRO class

  1. Martin Samohod

    Martin Samohod

    Martin Samohod submitted a new resource:

    Lister Storm Marlboro - GT-PRO class

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  2. J porshefarri

    J porshefarri

    I tried both the zip file and the folder inside doesnt appear in game. I know, Im an idiot, so what'd I do wrong?
    *EDIT: following the appdata/documents path I saw 4 race07 installs each with a customskins folder, not knowing which one steam is using, I put it in all of them- an that worked. lol.
    someday I'll have to figure out which one IS the one but thats for later. great skin theres 2 an two drivers- works/looks great, THANKS! ;>
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
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