Lippo Village: gone and forgotten

Resi Respati

Yesterday I finally got a chance to come back to Lippo Village after several years. I was about to pick up my brother from work (yes, he works there) and I stumbled upon the street circuit that should be hosting A1GP race several years ago.

Really sad to see that the track has been forgotten. The inaugural race there was a local Touring Car championship, and there had never been any races there since. :(

Here is a video of that race.

At first, I saw the pitlane and paddock was still there, because when there wasn't any race there, it was used as a classroom for a nearby university, but when I see the remainder of the track, ugh...

And even after A1GP's collapse the organizers never looked forward for another race there. At one time there was some news about the track that said they were about to hold a Super GT race there, but it was never realized.

Really sorry guys I can't take some pictures of the track (it was getting dark), but all I see there is one forgotten piece of tarmac.

Resi Respati

Indeed. Today Sentul is the only venue to host the 6 rounds of the Touring Car championship here. Parts of the track was also used for drifting, but as I said, it's never been used since.

Some pics I found on the internet

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