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WIP limits to number of merged tracks Export from BTB?

Jan 4, 2010
I can't seem to merge more than 2 tracks as the 'export' fails with an error from BTB, ~"can't export there's an error in your file."

Is there a built in limit to the number of tracks you can merge in one Export to rFactor?

I'm hunting through the forums to see if this has already been discussed (apologies for double posting if it has).



You need to set your drive line. I've merged 24 pieces with no problems in one of my RBR projects


Jun 6, 2009
I think it's possible to have too many total track nodes. To make terrain modeling easier (for me), I create a grid of KML track nodes in Google Earth and then import and position them on the background, turning off visi. If there's a lot of nodes (I think over 400 is when the error message pops up during an export) because of relatively flat land, then I end up needing to delete these track nodes used for modeling the terrain whether they're visible or not.

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