Let's Chew the Fat?


Nov 21, 2010
Hi everyone I am sure some of you know who I am and that I too have had strong opinions in the past. Sadly I have gotten away from sim racing somewhat for a couple of years now and see things in a different light in many areas.

If you don't remember me or don't know who I am I was a strong advocate for pCARS and SMS and a manager during development as a part of WMD. Of course I am going to have a strong voice for something I back financially and intellectually but have gotten where I don't get very bent out of shape over some of the stuff being posted out there. That being said what are some of your thoughts and visions for the driving simulation genre (not just racing)? For me it has become mood driven and like different styles of simulation software to cater to those moods.

So what are some things you think might be cool or like to see? As for me just to get it out of the way I'd like to see readily available practical and functional Motorcycle simulation controller hardware. I've broken too many bones to continue to carry on in real life on two wheels acting like a mad crazy idiot but still love two wheel machines.

Moving to the 4 wheel motorsport area of the genre I love the whole history of the automobile and so much would like to see a platform that could feature as much of all of it as possible and see it as a collective collaboration for the creation of the expansive amount of material that would be involved. (No I am not saying we should inject a Yugo into sim let's keep it cool and real). What I am saying let's bite into the forgotten era's and the machines that ruled them. I also think that what is created should have an offering to anyone active in the genre's community. Why say oh this is our majority base let's just cater to them. If the concept and material was appealing I would (and understand many of you) feel left out or neglected if it didn't.

Also let us not be so eager to slaughter pieces of software that may be seen as cash cows. What's wrong with a group of people(development teams) interested in making money and a living pouring their hearts out to create the titles we enjoy.

How about what our options are when shopping a list of titles available and how much versatility is available. As for me a game I enjoyed was The Crew for it's open environment (not saying I prefer arcade over sim or vice versa I'm a centrist) and it's story line I got to where I just wanted to keep progressing and it kept me engaged and committed to spending time on. Nothing wrong with that. I use to be the type that judged songs by how good the guitar was and how advanced instrumentally it was just how I judged racing games at one time till a friend told me it's all about the song as a whole no matter how easy or difficult it is to play. It's like all the racing games out there you can enjoy no matter what the difficulty level is depending on your tastes and open mindedness.

Me I think it would be cool to put myself in a virtual car in google earth and virtually travel the world and site see as much of it as I could with how many years I got left (hopefully many). I know I will never get to see all the places I'd like to see in real life but in no damn way can I enjoy missing out on the opportunity to do so.

Who else thinks it would be cool to drive Yungas road without leaving your in home simulator or elsewhere mind you???

Let me know what you think? and take care