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    Welcome to RaceDepartment's Community League Highlights.

    We Highlight the leagues on offer here at RaceDepartment to you the members of our great community.

    Week 1, F1 League, On the PS3.


    One of the best races of the first season we did on F1 2012 was in Hungary. There was a 5-man wheel to wheel battle for the lead of the race in the opening laps of the race. In the GP2 division, the quality of driving and the amount of respect for each other is high as well. One of the highlights was the British Grand Prix where 6 drivers were fighting for the lead at the start of the race.

    The league was originally founded by Darren Bentley on F1 2010. The current organizers are Eric Roben and Aaron Wilkinson. We are a close community on RaceDepartment united over two divisions. The F1 division features 100% races, full simulation settings with all assists banned. GP2 consists of 50% races with the same rules as F1, except for the automatic gearbox assist. This league is for clean, respectful, competitive racing while enjoying our time together.

    League Organizers
    F1 organizer: Eric Roben
    GP2 organizer: Aaron Wilkinson
    Steward spokesman/Driver Liaison: Oli Peacock
    Stewards: Justin McAleer (SNC), Richard Robson (PS3 SNC organizer) & Romano Valente (former league driver)

    League Structure
    F1 Division (16 active drivers)
    GP2 Division (16 active drivers + currently 3 reserves)

    Quickest Racer's
    Daniel Häll | Dimitrios Tsiakalos,
    Oli Peacock | Moussa Awada.
    Their times are usually at the very top of the F1 2012 PS3 side.

    Funniest Racers
    Sam Righton (F1)
    Paul Glover (GP2)

    Both the F1 and GP2 champion have the right to pick their teammate for the next season.

    Signing Up
    Like what you hear? Here's how to Sign Up,
    If you want to join us, you simply read the rules of the league and fill in the sign up form. Before you are allowed to join the league races, you must join one practice race which is held every Saturday. This way we can see if you understand the rules of the league and that you are able to show respect for the track and other drivers around you. If there are no issues, you will start your league racing career in GP2. If the league is full, you will be a reserve driver until a seat is free.
    Click here to head over to the sign up thread
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    The 'other' Paul Staff Premium

    I'll take being the funniest! Also I'd like to add I'm also the most fun ;-)
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