WIP Lampikannas (Beta)

I was doing little bit practicing and testing with BTB how to do different things and how LOD function affects to FPS in RBR. At the end i decided to "finish" the stage and give people a chance to drive something new...

Stage is fictional but i was trying to get Finnish look and feel to the stage. There is no pacenotes so be careful... :wink:

All feedback about stage and bugs is welcome!


Tomas Reinicke

Great stage, please take the time to finish it, I saw some "holes" in the scenery that needs fixing and make some pacenotes, then this will be very good stage.


Very well balanced, nice flow of bends, great jumps :) Still, you can spend some time on optimising textures, some of them have unesesarily big dimensions. E.g. you can safely resize those roads from Haywood Club to 512x512... and some others too. That will improve framerates on slower machines.
I personally like more random surfaces (little bumps, holes) - maybe you can think of it, also some places in terrain could be a little more smooth. Add some randomness to ditches too - and this will be even greater stage :) Congratulations!


I forgot, I used to place single trees to fix the holes in SObjects - from the same kind, this is I guess the fastest way to make those forests look better :)


I've tested this and it's just a smashing stage. Without pacenotes I usually have hard time to find any enjoyment in driving as I'm not skilled enough for "dark rallying". But once I had patience enough just to drive it safely through, it was a truly pleasant stage. It had even a lake of a sort and everything. Looked so awesome. :)

FPS was good. Didn't see any issues in that. Obviously I don't have any stats about the fps, I'm just comparing it to some other stages that have had issues in the past, so I know what it can be when there are issues and this stage didn't have any. At least for me.

One thing I did notice - hard not to notice really - was the occasional blinking of "Wrong way". But that might have been my fault, cos although I was driving "safely", I managed to go off-roading couple of times. It's just that the warning seemed to blink (only for second or two) when I was on the middle of the road and yet the kilometre counter kept going normally. I don't know, I should tested it more really. Maybe someone else can confirm this or something.
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