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Lambo Help (Motec files for comparison)

I was wondering if there's a place where half decent racers post motec files publicly where people can download and use to help improve their lap times. I've been looking at motec but I can't seem to find where I'm losing time just from the graphs.

Here's a summary of where I feel I've plateaued:

Primarily racing with the Lambo 2019. Generally use the aggressive setup with tyre pressure changes according to tempurature. Since I've focused on this car I feel I'm pretty good at eliminating any overseer or understeer which just comes with feel for the car and track over time. But have decent hours in the gr and audi as well

Generally speaking my laptimes are a good 1-2s or even more from the top few racers. But I feel I'm very consistent in hitting these times so I don't believe that I'm making major mistakes each lap and I believe I'm hitting the racing line for most tracks as well. Here is a quick summary of where my laptimes generally are in this car for the following tracks:

Monza: 1:49.8
Silverstone: 2:01.6
Spa: 2:24.6
Zolder: 1:31.8

I have fewer than 10 races in the other tracks so won't post them.

In general l, I just want to know if there's a place I can download the telemetry from stronger competitors to help me find places where I can improve


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I don't think there really is a "centralized" place where people post stuff like that, but asking in coaching/setups oriented Discord servers is usually met with a few answers.
I know some people occasionally post their Motec files, like Tortellinii https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDscumQmDSkqPTOFU3dBfSg/videos
As for paid sources I'm not sure how many there are but RacingSimTools has a subscription for Nils Naujoks' data for 3 bucks a month or 33 a year.

Here are the Motec files from my Monza qualy lap of the Lamborghini The Real Race :