AU KTM X-Bow R @ Blackwood - Fri 1st August 2014



"It's a smorgasbord of waywardness!"

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Special Notes:
  • Book your slots in time from 19:00 AEST (09:00 GMT) onwards, which leaves you with a 60 minute time frame to complete your booking on the server. If you can't book in time make sure to sign out before 18:30 AEST (08:30 GMT).
  • Passwords are sent via private message on the forums before the booking starts.
  • Minimum number of sign ups required for event to go ahead: 4
Cars: KTM X-Bow R
Track: Blackwood (DOWNLOAD)

Booking: 19:00 AEST (09:00 GMT)
Practice: 20:00AEST (10:00 GMT)
Qualifying: 20:30 AEST (10:30 GMT)
Race: 20:45 AEST (10:45 GMT) 15 laps (x 2) Second race is reverse order grid of race 1 result.

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Teamspeak Password:
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Our racing clubs are first and foremost meant for gaining online experience so please help other drivers out when they have questions about the event, the car, the track, the setup or a combination. This is not a league race, it's not about who wins, it's for some fun.

Priority access
In case of a large amount of sign-ups premium members are given priority access to enter this event.

Entry List
  1. Chris Stacey
  2. Akis Kevrekidis
  3. Jack Trooper
  4. David Armstrong
  5. Tony Binelli
  6. Sun Levi
  7. Ashley Cowan
  8. Michael Young
  9. Justin Talent
  10. Aaron Wilson
  11. Available
  12. Available
  13. Available
  14. Available
  15. Available
  16. Available
  17. Available
  18. Available
  19. Available
  20. Available
  21. Available
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I can change it if you guys would like a different car :)
I know the KTM isn't everyone's cuppa.

Lemme know if you want a change :)