Omer Said

Microsoft develops a new technology for Xbox 360. Called "kinect". Here is a video;

I think it maybe funny but i would prefer the old style. This way of playing must be very tiring. Imagine you are doing an endurance race and your arms are like that for hours. It's not better than a Wheel imo.

Tom Watts

yh its looks intresting there could be some good things come out of it if we can also use a wheel but i dunno might have to play before i buy


What the hell is wrong with you people why are you bashing this new technology? It's freaking awesome! This is a hell better than the Wii! Nintendo failed me, this is the kind of game system I have been waiting for a very long time, this is the future! Playing Mass Effect 3, Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, or whatever by using my whole body will be so awesome! This is so close being a real life holodeck, a simulated reality facility like they have on Star Trek The Next Generation!
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