Just got R FACTOR today is there any thing I should know

hey guys I just got R FACTOR off PLAY.COM for £11.99 and I was wondering if there was any updates I should install ?

Also I would like some advice on some of the best mods there are so meany to choose from what are some of your faverates?
So far I know I want the touring car legends mod for the rs500 cosworth and the ford GT and capri mod as I am masive ford fan :)

What are the best mods to make the game look better as in affects ?


Kris Vickers

Make sure your game runs v1.255 firstly. If not, update it or you wont be able to race with anyone online because nobody runs a lesser version :)

Mod wise, its down to personal taste, as there as some mods considered excellent that i just dont like.
That said, you should get:
AE86 Mod (Toyota Levin)
TCL RD version (because Ryan is a master and has made it better)
FVRV8 (Aussie V8`s)
Formula Nippon 2008
Jap Formula 3
BMW M1 ProCar
Toyota Supra Mk4
Vintage Formula Vee

Theres probably some great F1 mods out there too, but quite frankly, i hate F1 cars in rFactor. And theres too many of them.

Should also get RealFeel along with LeoFFB. These make the steering feel better.
There are some PLR file tweaks too, aswell as Control.ini tweaks.

Sorry for lack of links....just wanted to start the ball rolling
Thanks a lot for your repay mate.
Ok I have the updated vertion so that is good.

I downloaded some of those mods I love the M1 pro car and a lot of the other mods, I also agree there is way to meany F1 cars for this game but I must say I do enjoy the odd drive round the GREEN HELL in the F1 car, to be honest I think R-FACTOR is a bettter game for F1 than all the official F1 games lol.

As for the FFB its really killing the fun with R FACTOR I am really disopointed with the FFB its all over the place compared to the FFB in GTR EVO/RACE 07.
I have tried the REAL FEEL but had no luck with it I have tried everything but all my wheel does is spin to one side then spin to the other side so tonight I will try the leo FFB.

Thanks for the help
i think the FFB is pretty simular with race 07.... i hawe no problems with FFB in rF,
is your wheel spinning even if you standing still?

and YES rFactor is the best racing sim for F1 :tongue:
i think the FFB is pretty simular with race 07.... i hawe no problems with FFB in rF,
is your wheel spinning even if you standing still?

and YES rFactor is the best racing sim for F1 :tongue:
yea it jest goes to one side and stays there I have made sure the R-factor FFB settings are as they say it to be in the READ ME for the REALFEAL and still its the same :confused:

Yea thanks I tried that its a lot better now but I still am not all that comftable with it I like all the feedback comming from the front wheels and not split between the rear and the front tires as I use the G-force simulation to feel when the rear is stepping out.
I think I will keep using this and see if it grows on me as there has been plenty of times I have thought somthing was crap and then picked it up later to find its actually quite good.

I will try loe's force feed back tonight and see ho it goes all in all I like the game its just getting the FFB tuned into my tastes and the F1 will full G-FORCE simulation is so much fun on the GREEN HELL you get a really good sence of how fast you are moving.

Ivo Simons

You can take a look at the controller file and take a look at these settings.
And you can change if everything is on the front wheels. :)

FFB steer force grip function
FFB steer force grip weight
FFB steer force grip factor
Thanks I think I will stop playing this game for now and focus on getting my CR5 setup ready for the championship then after that I will put in a hole day into playing with the file settings to get it dialed in to my liking.
But it all just a mass of words to me non of it makes any sence lol
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