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    This is a low-end office chair, but I think many people might need information about it, so I decide to share my experience and thoughts here.

    I have been looking for a chair that allows me to lie flat for quite a while, and after failing to find used car seats to DIY one, I eventually decide to purchase a GTOmega Racing Pro office chair on Amazon. I skipped the popular-on-Youtube-and-Amazon DXracer Formula Series because I've seen quite a few rant videos about their build quality and customer service issues. GTOmega Racing Pro is also a tad cheaper.

    The chair comes in today in a huge box:
    The padding with the shipment looks quite solid, and I don't see any fracture or damage on the components.

    I choose this green color for no particular reason but it actually looks pretty good. The stitching looks symmetrical and consistent. There is no asymmetry in the cushioning as mentioned in this video at about 12:37, and the logo looks correctly colored. It looks promising.

    How they secure the PU cover onto the chair back, though, looks confusing to me.

    After some Googling, I learn that this chair is made in a small town with a population about 34000 in Jiangsu Province, China. The company also makes parts for car seats and other sort of things. Sounds like a typical Chinese company to me.

    When I start to put everything up together, this metal ring that is supposed to stay on the chair back falls off. Then all the rings fall off. As someone with a bit OCD I decide to assemble the chair so that the rings are still on the side of the chair back. I could'nt tell you how much trouble this turns out to be. Tons of sweat.

    The other thing that I find very annoying during assembly is that this mechanism that connects the seat and the base has screw holes slightly farther apart than the screw holes on the bottom of the seat. It extremely frustrating aligning the screws.

    It's hard to see how this lever thing feels from this picture, but it feels very cheap. Basically it feels like every cheap lever you can find on every cheap chair at Walmart. This is quite disappointing.

    Another extremely annoying things is that this cover is attached to the chair using just 1 screw, and it doesn't stay very well. The plastic cover keeps falling and moving and does not stay in place. I really can't believe how they design this chair to be like this.

    Finally result. In this picture I put the neck pillow in the wrong place so it looks too low but after I correct it the neck pillow feels pretty good (although a bit hard to my taste). The back pillow is also very nice, and gives me very good back support. However, there doesn't seem to be much cushioning in the seat, i.e., the chair is very hard. It is also significantly higher than my old chair(s) so my wheel stand is now too low for me, and I need to readjust my racing setup now.

    I am 178cm (5'10'') and 81kg (181lbs), and I fit in this chair very well. The seat back fits perfectly and my neck lands on the neck support. I'm very happy with its size, but if you are a bigger guy I would recommend buying something else.

    Anyways I think this chair barely worth the value ($265 on Amazon US). I would recommend you guys think twice before placing the order. I myself feel okay with the price because I just want a lie-flat chair and this does the job. I will keep using it for a while and see if this chair is reliable in the long term.
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    I have had the same seat for some time now, unfotunately the shock is the only weak spot (they need to upgrade it).
    They sent me one under warranty as it cracked at the base and leaked, however the replacement broke too, soon after. They offered a refund or a new chair at any extra cost if it was more than the original. After a couple of emails they sent me a new different model chair FOC. I have to say their after service proved EXCELLENT in the end so 10-10 for that. As far as the GT Omega goes it's a great chair but be warned if you are over 15 stone the shock will probably give out. If your a light person go for it, if you are heavy go for one of their heavy duty seats they are superb.
    Advice: when buying a chair go for something a little bigger than you are looking for as the extra room adds to cumfort and also aim at least a stone heavier on the reccomended weight spec. This will allow for rocking and bouncing around and should have a better chance of extending the shock life.
    Service (purchase and delivery) = excellent
    Quality = good if you choose right
    Value = a little high
    Warranty = excellent with persistance
    Hope this helps some people and great review.
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