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DiRT Rally 2.0 Joining Dirt Rally 2 League????

Didi Draxler

Hi guys.
Am i right, you prepairing a DR2 League.
Or you running a season.
If yes, how can i take part.
I am a big fan of Dirt Rally 2

Greets from Austria

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Hi @Didi Draxler

So, we've got two things going on at the moment. The more relaxed, chilled one is the Rally Club. Where results don't matter, and the rallies change every week in regards to cars, stages etc. That one is currently being run by @Roy Magnes as I'm busy with RDRC :) You can find that here. Information about how to join these events can be found in each club rally thread. Example here

For the RDRC, the league/championship. You'd need to read the rules, and then sign up in the sign-up thread. Also remembering to apply for the right DiRT Rally 2.0 In-game club (RaceNet League). You can find the list here.

It might look and sound complicated. But in reality it's not :) And once you've done all this once. You're good to go for the entire season! :)