It is so hard to find someone


who wants 1 month free premium membership!

Sorry this might not be the best place to post this, but it's really weird to me that nobody I talk to would take 1 month free RD membership. Some already has that, some say they don't have time, some say they simply can't be bothered. Maybe it's not the best way to spread the words after all?

All the RD club races I go to are good fun and I as a newbie have learned a lot. Everybody's friendly and helpful (someone once said to me, "why are Brazilian simracers so nice and friendly? It feels unreal!" I really wish RDUS can have more events and more populated grid, so
if anyone who doesn't have premium membership (especially in the Americas) and is reluctant to pay the fee, please let me know. Thanks.

EDIT: finally found someone taking the membership.
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