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Is there a hd texture mod?



The texture of the tracks are horrible. This game came out in 2008 and gt4 on ps2 has better looking tracks. Does anyone know if there are hd texture mods? I mean I put the max settings since I have a 9800gtx and it looks like ****. Its like jaggy galore!lol Anyways does anyone know if there are texture mods for tracks?
Aug 26, 2008
There is none no.

And the game was made to be more "user friendly" and is on a old ISI game engine. Expect to see better quality inthe future.

Ingo Voellinger

Its like jaggy galore!
You mean you have aliasing?
Try changing these nvidia settings:

-anisotropic filtering: 16x
-antialiasing: 2x or 4x
-anti aliasing-mode: overwrite settings !
-negative lod-bias: Clamp

Or buy STCCC, it has great looking tracks. :)